Road King Classic<sup>®</sup>

Road King Classic®

Описание и технические характеристики

It may look like it’s just cruised straight out of the 1950’s with its whitewall tyres, classic-styled saddlebags and ‘boulevard looks’ but don’t be deceived. This Classic tourer has all the 2014 advancements brought in across the Touring range. We’ve streamlined the front fender to show off more wheel, the controls have been completely redesigned and better laid out making them easier to reach and read. The new high output Twin Cam 103™ engine gives higher mid-range power and the ABS, electronically linked brakes provide powerful and safe braking.

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Габаритные размеры

Высота седла:715mm
Емкость топливного бака:22.7l
Сухая масса:353.0kg

Силовой агрегат

Двигатель:Air-cooled, High Output Twin Cam 103™ with integrated oil cooler
Крутящий момент: 138Nm / 3500rpm

Колеса / Шины

Переднее:17"/Dunlop® D408F WWW 130
Заднее:16"/Dunlop® D407 WWW 180

Варианты цветов лакокрасочного покрытия

Brilliant Silver, Morocco Gold, Two-Tone Birch White / Midnight Pearl, Two-Tone Mysterious Red Sunglo / Blackened Cayenne Sunglo, Vivid Black