Electra Glide® Ultra Classic®

Electra Glide® Ultra Classic®

Описание и технические характеристики

Get in the two-up Electra Glide® seat and there are absolutely no limits to how far you can go or how good it’s all going to feel.

With each passing mile it only gets better.

From the day the first Electra Glide® motorcycle crossed the country in 1965, it’s had a singular mission. Make the ride a cosmic leap beyond anything the rider has experienced in terms of function and comfort. So here we are countless miles later. And everything we’ve learned has been built into these machines. One-touch saddlebags, GPS and infotainment, better airflow around the rider, more passing power, the list goes on. And we did it all with out letting the soul of the machine get lost in gadgetry.

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Габаритные размеры

Высота седла:696mm
Емкость топливного бака:22.7l
Сухая масса:390.0kg

Силовой агрегат

Двигатель:Milwaukee-Eight™ 107
Крутящий момент: 151Nm / 3250rpm

Колеса / Шины

Переднее:17" BW 130/80B17 65H - Impeller Cast Aluminum
Заднее:16" BW 180/65B16 81H - Impeller Cast Aluminum

Варианты цветов лакокрасочного покрытия

Billet Silver, Billet Silver/Vivid Black, Crushed Ice Pearl/Frosted Teal Pearl, Superior Blue, Two-Tone Mysterious Red Sunglo / Velocity Red Sunglo, Vivid Black